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The Club is an open club and membership is available to everyone in the community.  If you are interested in joining please download and submit the full MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM.  You will receive a reply to confirm whether membership has been accepted, the date of joining for payment and to put you in touch with the appropriate squad captain or coach.  Please note the full MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM explains the payment terms in detail and also includes a parental consent form which must be submitted for all Junior applicants (less than 18 years old on 1st September).  This consent form can also be obtained from one of our junior coaches.  This is a digital form and can be emailed to the membership secretary.  Provisionally a written signature is not essential.


For further information and any queries please contact the membership secretary directly.


Rowing and it's associated training can be a strenuous activity. Therefore you should be in good health and have no medical or physical condition precluding heavy exercise. If there is any doubt, you should first consult your doctor. Some conditions, such as asthma and diabetes, for example do not prevent individuals participating in this sport, but you do have a duty to declare any condition that puts yourself or others at risk. It is important therefore, that you inform coaches and crew members of any condition (both now and in the future) that they may have to deal with in the event of an emergency.



The personal information you supply will be used to help with the administration of the club, including analysis of membership and communicating directly with members. It will be treated confidentially and will not be shared with any third party without prior agreement. Anyone wishing to view records, which relate to them personally, should apply in writing to the Membership Secretary.



Ensure you have completed all fields before you submit this form.

Have a question about your membership? Then contact Adam Wilson  Membership Secretary.


Consider contributing to the RCRC Trust Fund to help Junior and disadvantaged rowers.