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November News

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On Wednesday 2nd October in the evening a club General Meeting was held to consider the Committee proposal to proceeed with registering the club to become a Charitable Incorporated Organisation instead of the unincorporated assocation that it is at present and the proposed new club constitution and operating rules that are consequently required.  These were approved with no objections and the target is now to have the new organisation in place and ready to take over by the AGM next year. The benefits will include charitable status for the club and limited liability for members acting on behalf of the club, though the Committee management and officers roles as seen by members will remain unchanged.




Competitions entered this month.  Congratulations to all the winners.


1   September  Great Ouse Marathon; 1 crew entered.  

14 September  World Masters Rowing Regatta; 1 crew entered.

15 September  Boston Marathon; 2 crews entered; 1 win G.1x Adam Wilson.

22 September  Chester LDS; 16 crews entered; 2 wins Op.4x Harry McGarva,Matthew Roe, Rhys Coffey, Jordan Simons;  WJ18.1x Fenella Cowdell.

28 September  Runcorn Autumn Head; 7 crews entered; 2 wins WJ18.1x Fenella Cowdell;  WJ16.1x Lucy Thomson.


Well done to everyone who represented Royals and thanks to their coaches at these events.


If you have any Royals news to share contributions are always welcome.


Adam Wilson,  royalstreasurer@gmail.com

This Sunday morning was cool and foggy but that didn't deter the a good turn out by the Masters rowers and a call for a volunteer to make the Royals 100 Club draw was quickly answered by Kerry Maddrell who had never done so before. With Peter Dillon holding the bag and Fred Pendleton and Teigan Foster observing, Kerry showed remarkable skill in finding all the Pamelas!  Thank you Kerry.  




1st     £100     No 55    Pamela Hanlon  - no 55 drawn twice in ten months

2nd      £30     No 99    Pamela Hanlon - no 99 drawn tenth month in play

3rd       £20     No 19    Pam Hamill  - no 19 drawn 5 times in 3 years


To non-members of the Royals 100 Club:

Have you thought of joining the Royals 100 Club from only £5 per month?  59 balls are now taken but that leaves 41 to choose from.  Every ball  you take contributes to the target of raising £1,500 this year and at the same time every month it gives you the chance of winning up to £100 - or more if you have more than one ball.  Why not join now?  Please email me at royalstreasurer@gmail.com to let me know you wish to join.


To join immediately set up a monthly standing order of £5 per ball to the Royals 100 Club account number 32581238 sort code 60-40-08 with your name as reference.  The next available numbered ball between 1 to 100 will be assigned unless you have any special requests.




Competitions entered this month:


12 October  Agecroft Head; 1 crew entered; 1 win W.1x Sarah McKay.

26 October  Dee Autumn Head; 14 crews entered; event cancelled due to high river level.


Whilst indoor training is now back in full swing the unfortunate cancellation of the Dee Autumn Head has meant a quiet month for competitions.  Only one crew entered in one event that took place but that was a win!  Well done, Sarah.


If you have any Royals news to share contributions are always welcome.


Adam Wilson,  royalstreasurer@gmail.com