Royals 100 Club...


Every month 3 lucky winners win CASH from the Royals 100 Club Draw

Would you like to be in with a chance to share the monthly prize money, and Help club fundraising for vital equipment? Join the RCRC 100 Club for only £5 per number/per month. The winning numbers are posted on the website each month.

For more details and a standing order form contact Nicki Miller or download the FORM HERE. Complete the form and send directly to your bank then wait for the winnings to come rolling in!

Winners are drawn at Royals social events or the monthly committee meeting and the lucky winners will recieve cheques/letters by post.

Participants according to the lottery Act must be over 16 but do not need to be club members. The Prize Pot is approx 50% of the monthly income shared between 3 winners with a minimum of...

1st Prize £60, 2nd Prize £30, 3rd prize £20.

There are two ways you can join:
Either make a standing order to the RCRC account for £5 per ball per month.
(Please email Nicki Miller to let me know you've joined).
Sort Code 60 40 08
Account Number 32581238

Or secondly send a cheque for £60 for the year, email Nicki Miller for postal Address.

Currently the following numbers are available 15,16,17,21,22,23,46,47 and all numbers from 54-100.


1st Adam Wilson, 2nd Chloe Sheward, 3rd Peter Jarvis

1st John Browne, 2nd Graham Pointer, 3rd Peter English

JULY 2017
1st Pete Bowden, 2nd John Browne, 3rd Mike Palamarczuk

JUNE 2017
1st Mike Stephens, 2nd John Browne, 3rd Cecil Offley

MAY 2017
1st Nick Dodd, 2nd John Hagan, 3rd Miles Duncan

APRIL 2017
1st Paul Richards, 2nd Chloe Sheward, 3rd Maggie Wheeler

MARCH 2017
1st John Bigland, 2nd J Duncan, 3rd Chris Whardale