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Royals back to winning ways

By rcrc1, Feb 8 2016 11:48AM

After a forced absence from the water due to extreme weather conditions Royals Juniors were back racing at Warrington at the weekend. The squad has only recently been able to add rowing on the river Dee to land training. The events programme in the region was also severely disrupted.

Warrington Head race on the River Mersey was the first opportunity to compete and resulted in a convincing win for the girls Junior 16 coxless quad. The crew, Stroke: Paige Cox, Jess Twigg, Amelia Allen and steering Lorna Cowdell are all from the Queen’s School who are once again back rowing on the Dee with Royal Chester.

The win was a clear victory of 16 seconds despite a dramatic collision when overtaking. The girls were forced to halt then restart losing probably 20 seconds off there race time.

The crews all raced again during the day in double sculls, taking finishing places at 3 and 4 6 and 7. The race times were all bunched within 6 seconds of the winners.

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