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Womens HORR 2015

By rcrc1, Mar 15 2015 11:12AM

The women's 1st eight finished 38th in a time of 21.38.2. overtaking two crews within the first 1000m. The conditions then got blustery until Hammersmith but once through the bridge the conditions improved and they really picked up the pace and gaining again on the crews in front with a solid row all the way to the finish at Putney. They beat local rivals Grosvenor RC and Agecroft by 20secs.

Also great to see Ex RCRC Emma Spruce finish 4th in the Leander B crew and Becca Chin finish 9th in a GB composite.

Bow Alice Doran, 2 Katherine James, 3 Katy Levitt, 4 Roxana Woodward, 5 Cathryn Jones, 6 Angela Sheldon, 7 Lowri Stubbs, Str Kate Ashley, Cox Lesley Vowles, Coach - Jamie Leighton.

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