Signing up for a blog or forum to share and communicate with other members of the rowing community is a great way to learn more about the sport. Here are a few great sites to get in touch with if you are looking to join the growing community online.

Rowperfect UK –

This blog is made up of Rowing Education Experts based in London, England. These professionals host a series of activities on their site, including training videos, podcasts, and coaching advice. They also provide followers with eBooks, international rowing news, and their online shop presents a range of rowing products.

WEROW Blog –

WEROW is one of the best independent platforms for athletes of rowing and sculling in the UK. It offers subscribers rowing news, images from rowing events and competitions, and athlete profiles.

British Rowing –

This is a British Rowing organisation in charge of training and development. They take in members from the grassroots level. This organisation has been responsible for taking athletes to the next level, having high-performance Olympic athletes on its register. They are also the official governing body for the sport of rowing in the UK.

Killorglin Rowing Club –

The Killorglin Rowing Club (KRC) is an Irish organisation situated alongside the river Laune. The river is used for the organisation’s activities, such as water-based training. The rowing club has affiliations with rowing unions in Ireland. Follow their channel to learn more about rowing competitions in the area.

Rowing Story Blog –

This blog tells the story of women’s international rowing in Great Britain. It posts articles quarterly and pays tribute to the first Women’s European Rowing Championships that was held in 1954.

Junior Rowing News –

This online platform helps readers to stay abreast of junior rowing news in the UK. The blog is primarily captained by junior rowers and journalists. It covers amateur events and races on the junior rowing calendar. Individuals interested in learning more about junior rowers can follow this blog.

Scottish Coastal Rowing –

This site focuses on rowing events and competitions in Scotland. The channel promotes the sport of rowing in the coastal communities of Scotland. Find out more about rowing competitions in Scotland by visiting their blog.

In Conclusion

There are so many exciting rowing stories out there to encourage athletes to continue pursuing their dreams. Subscribers on this platform can find several articles and blogs here about rowing clubs and schedules for up-and-coming competitions.

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